Organizations & Institutions

Development and Implementation of Yoga Therapy Programs for Mental Health Institutions, Organizations and Support Groups

Sonia’s programs are customized to fit the needs of specific populations undergoing treatment in mental health facilities or support groups. They are aimed at cultivating improved mental health and emotional stability for those suffering from depression, anxiety, PTSD, and other conditions. 


Yoga Therapy and Mental Health: 

Yoga therapy rekindles positive emotions, increases body awareness and reconnects the individual to inherent wholeness. Yoga therapy strengthens the innate and unlimited healing capacity of the mind-body and aids individuals in creating safety, increasing mindfulness, and diminishing symptoms of depression, anxiety and stress.  Yoga therapy adapts to the needs and concerns of individuals living in a fragmented society where community and human bonds have become fragile and scarce and where depression and stress are rampant. The mind/body is an integrated system and the most effective therapeutic techniques work on the body/mind.